The Hot Spot, or Two Minutes

Coming out of a depressive episode, I tend to turn to Fly Lady. She seems to view her methods as a way to help the overwhelmed mom, but I see them as excellent depression tips. That pile of clothes is terrifying and insurmountable. Only having to deal with the pile for two minutes is somehow manageable, assuming you can bring yourself to get up and set the timer.

Fly Lady’s example of a Hot Spot is that chair in your bedroom that accumulate stuff. I do not have that chair, as my apartment is tiny. What I’ve somehow ended up with is a pile of clothes sitting on a box. The box holds a lamp I never put up, and no longer have a place for. I have yet to sell it because selling it seems daunting. The clothes are clean, and it would seem simple to put them away. But my storage space is limited and unorganized, so it doesn’t fit well, which I find stressful.

Fly Lady doesn’t want you to think about all those other things. Fly Lady wants you to set a timer and deal with the pile for two minutes. Then Fly Lady wants you to walk away from it. For all the things I strongly dislike about her, she is excellent at breaking down tasks into something even a depressed person can manage. At least, my type of depressed person can manage it.

My issues with Fly Lady are many. Her website is impossible to navigate, she is very prone to Christian interjections (though she is better than she used to be), and she seems incapable of recognizing that she has designed a program that is exclusively geared towards a certain type of woman (I don’t mind that she’s designed this program for specific types of people, I mind that she doesn’t understand that’s what she’s done). But I seem to turn back to her every time I’m trying to get my life back. So she must be on to something.

For those unfamiliar, Fly Lady has been helping people clean their homes for decades. I have many feelings about her very housewife-oriented methods, including the fact that she is not good at acknowledging that her methods are for specific people and instead seems to think they’re for everyone. I am, of course, attempting to make them for everyone. We will see how that works.

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