Last Month in Art – August 2022

This short essay is part of a series called ‘Writing on Writing.’ This series takes a few different forms, and in this post, I’m featuring some of the art that fuels my creativity. Want to see content like this more often? Consider supporting me on Patreon.

As I was going back through my various art logs for this month, I realized not only did I consume less art than normal, but I also consumed a lot of art I didn’t particularly like. So if I went by my normal standards of only listing 5-star art, there would only be two things here. That feels like a lame post, so I decided to add a few of my 4.5 to 4-star things as well, the ones that almost hit 5. Hopefully, that doesn’t water down these recommendations too much!

Beauty and the Beast 1946

This is an exceptionally beautiful French film directed by Jean Cocteau. Supposedly it’s a children’s film, but its depth is much more adult. It’s also fun to see just how much Disney borrowed from this version of the tale in making their animated version.

Elvis 2022

I actually saw this movie twice last month, once with Oscar and again with my mom. It’s definitely a Baz Luhrman film, but I think it captures something really beautiful about art. There are about ten minutes towards the end that I’m not feeling, but overall, it’s a stunning film. Some of the ways they use music are just brilliant.

Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults 2020

This is a mini-series of HBO max about ‘the spaceship cult.’ I’m fascinated by cults in general, but this one really gets me, because it went so horribly wrong in a way it shouldn’t have. With other cults that end in suicide, they’re often responding to a threat, usually some sort of law agency. Heaven’s Gate wasn’t like that, which I think makes it all a lot sadder. This show provides an excellent, fascinating look into what happened. 

Little Miss Sunshine 2006

I rewatched this movie with my parents recently, and it’s such a brilliant little movie. Steve Carell’s performance is kind of exceptional considering how queer men were usually shown in media at that point. This film always leaves me with such a good feeling at the end.

The Mummy 1999

I’m also surprised just how good this movie is when I rewatch it. Brendan Fraser is just so fun to watch in this movie, and the scarabs are so good. Just a wonderful horror element. All of the sequels are truly devastating, but this movie is really a classic.

So there you have it! The goal this month is to actually finish some books. We’ll see how it goes.

Love and gratitude friends.

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