Personalized Stories

Ever wanted a story written and personalized just for you? Probably not, but I’m offering anyway! For a small fee (seriously, it’s itty bitty), I’ll write you a story from the prompt of your choice. You could give me:

  • 3 words
  • a name, your favorite color, and an object
  • a place and an emotion
  • a song
  • a first line
  • a last line
  • a piece of dialogue
  • the feeling you want to be left with after reading your story

Or anything else you want! I’m here to give you the story your heart desires (or at least get as close as I can).

Have I convinced you yet? Email me at or DM me on Instagram to commission a piece!

0-250 Word Story: $5.00, written within 3-5 days from receipt of payment.

251-500 Word Story: $7.00, written within 5-7 days from receipt of payment.

501-750 Word Story: $10.00, written within 5-7 days from receipt of payment.

751-1,000 Word Story: $12.00, written within 7-10 days from receipt of payment.



The Fine Print: I reserve the right to post the piece to my personal blog. If you publish the piece anywhere, please provide a link to my website or Instagram in addition to giving me credit for writing the piece. If the story calls for it, the word count may go over what you paid for. It will never go under what you paid for. If a life event occurs that prevents me from getting your story to you in time, I will let you know immediately. If you do not wish to wait for me to finish the piece, I will refund you your money. If you do accept the piece of writing, I will not refund the money under any circumstances.