Writing Mentorship

Ready to jump right in? Book your free 15-minute consult here to see if Writing Mentorship is the right move for you!

If there’s one thing I learned throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies in creative writing, it’s that one-on-one feedback and discussion are invaluable to my creative practice. If you’re at all like that, maybe you’d benefit from what I’m calling Writing Mentorship.

I believe that all types of writing, from the most academic to the highest fantasy, require equal amounts of creativity. With that in mind, I’m offering mentoring to all types of writers. Whether you’re in high school working on a college application essay, or a novelist looking for someone to bounce ideas off of, I want to help you realize your vision for your piece.

Interested in Writing Mentorship? The first step is a 15-minute ‘get to know you’ meeting! We can discuss your goals and make sure the vibes are right before making a bigger commitment. This meeting is free. Sign up for a time here.

After our first fifteen-minute meeting, we can set up a 1-hour creative mentor session. Individual sessions are $60, or you can pre-purchase three sessions for $150.

Here are some of the things Writing Mentorship might entail:

  • Goal Setting. Have a plan for a project but need some help breaking it down? I can help! Feel like you need some deadlines? I can help with that to!
  • Personalized Feedback. Before a session, you can send me up to 20 pages of work for us to discuss during your meeting. In addition to our discussion, I’ll provide a short critique letter and in-text notes and edit suggestions.
  • Advice. I’ve spent years honing my creative practice, and I want to share my experiences with you. Whether you’re interested in literary magazine submissions or applying to an MFA, I can help you navigate the path to reaching your goals.

Book your free 15-minute meeting to see if I’m the right fit for you. At the very least, we’ll have a wonderful time getting to know each other!